Hello World! Let the blogging begin!

Hello World! So I've been thinking, considering and talking about blogging for awhile now and well the time has arrived.  There are quite a few blogs that I enjoy reading and getting inspiration from, so I hope that mine will serve the same for others.  I think a blog is such a cool place to share the things you love in life and do it all in one place.

This week, I put out a new knit pattern on Ravelry published in Amanda's Ravelry Shop called "Road to Autumn".  I really wanted to work with Malabrigo Twist, because first of all, I love the color choices, but really because this yarn is soooooooo squishy and soft and feels as smooth as butta to knit with.


  1. Great pic of you my friend. I have a blog too...
    It is not as fun as yours :) but it's all about Jesus and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading my blogs from time to time...Love ya!

  2. DDUUUDDEEE!!! cool pic but cooler beanie! why don't i own one yet?


    p.s. Gabe and Geoff have a blog on here..