The Look For Less......Fall Fashion

Now that summer is unofficially over I thought we should celebrate with some affordable styles for fall.

Ok so this first style isn't exactly affordable but it's definitely adorable! It will cost you $3,190 which is certainly not in this mom's budget, unfortunately. For outfit details go here.

However, you could look just as darling and fall ready in this look for a fraction of the cost, only $278 for the total package! For outfit details go here. Geez, I'm just dying for these shoes! 
Happy styling,

Snapshots of Our Summer

We were so busy enjoying summer I forgot to share our adventures as we went along. This summer was spent pretty close to home but was none the less fun!
 We saw an amazingly creepy puppet show in the park.
 Jolie got her first bike and became really good at riding it!
 I went to my cousin's prairie themed wedding,
 where I drank lots of yummy beer from my mason jar mug!
 Dexter painted, a lot!
 We may have eaten frozen yogurt for breakfast.....maybe.
 We blew more bubbles than I've blown in my whole life!
 We ate our weight in fresh berries!
 Spent many days in the shade at the park.
 We got matching helmets for the kiddos. These things crack me up!
 the kids had fun playing hero's and pirates!
 Of course there was some fun in the sun,
 and the sand.
 We enjoyed a big family dinner at our favorite restaurant.
 Discovered a new candy shop/soda fountain.
 Welcomed Jolie home from her Vegas vacation with her favorite red velvet cupcakes!
 Took the kids to the new dinosaur exhibit at The Natural History Museum, 
Where we also got to enjoy the butterfly pavilion.
Then of course vacation came to an end and Jolie went back to school.
I cant believe she's already in second grade!

Summer was fun but I'm definitely glad to be back on our school day schedule and I'm really looking forward to fall weather! Hope you had a great summer!
xoxo, Alexis