My not Enid Collins bag........

I love this purse! I got it at an estate sale about 10 years ago.  I would have to say that it was the best estate sale I had ever been to, not advertised, ran by the family and we were the first ones there since it was basically across the street from us. And good thing it was close to home, cause we had a major load of stuff, seriously big, like half the front yard was our pile!  At the time my kitchen was pink, turquoise and very kitsch and so was hers! So, I loaded up on pink 50's kitchenware, pottery, paintings, some very atomic furniture and armloads of purses, luggage, costume jewelry and so much more.  SO MUCH FUN!  I would LOVE to find one of those sales again. 

This Owl purse is one of my favorite items from that sale, it's not an Enid Collins, but just as good.  It even had the original pamphlet inside, how cool is that!  Only $10 for the kit.  I would love to find the Peacock one! 

The Look for Less.......

I really love red gingham in summer, plus I was inspired by this hat at the flea market last week.  So here is a fun summer style for you!

This week's look will run you $1,544. As much as I love this Vivianne Westwood 
number I prefer the price tag of $344 on our look for less. Don't you?

For outfit details go here and here.

New Bag, New Nails......

My new yard sale find, I thought this cute vintage plaid bag would make a good project bag.  I'm always dragging my knitting around with me, so may as well do it in style!  Originally meant for your lunch, it came with the plastic food holder, but yarn is probably all that will get shoved into this one. 

Also, anyone tried these new nail decals? I'm always weary of painting my nails, it just chips within a couple of days anyway, so why bother? But these really stood the test, washing dishes and all, they lasted a good 10 days or so. Go get yourself some!

Flea Market Finds.......

I finally made a trip to the Pasadena City College flea market this past weekend. Can't believe I've never been there before, I have certainly been missing out! Here's a peek at some of my favorite finds.
 This charming tapestry.
 This perfectly worn-in wool bag.
 This adorable gardening hat, now if only I had a garden!
(inspiration for this weeks look for less)
 Most handsome toddler blazer ever!
 Cutest vintage swim suit I ever laid eyes on!
 Do they make this one in my size?
 I would love this in my bedroom!
 This was my deal of the day just $5.00 and he threw in some assorted "junk jewelry"
including these awesome vintage Avon clip-ons!

 My almost splurge.
 Let's not forget some fantastically stylish shoppers!

I had so much fun, I think I'll make this a monthly outing!

Celebrate with us!

We're so excited! Yesterday we had our 100th sale on Etsy! To celebrate we are offering 10% off the next 10 purchases using coupon code BOBBYSOXIE100! 

The Look.....and The Look for Less!

The Look
                     The Look For Less!
Our new weekly! We'll show you how to enjoy some current trends without breaking the bank! The first look has a whopping price tag of $1,860.00 um, GULP. I don't know about you but these stay home mommas can't swing it. Now our second look is much more budget friendly at just $228.00! Ahh, much better. Click the photos for more info. on these sweet items.