Dear Mommy Soxie,

Happy Happy Birthday! You are such a special person and we are proud to call you Mom. You have set such a good example for us in being a patient loving mom. We feel so lucky to have had such a talented woman raise us and teach us what she knows. We love you Mom and hope you have a wonderful fun filled day, you deserve it!

For those of you who don't know our mom, her name is Mindy and she is super sweet, to know her is to love her! She is good at so many things but specializes in and teaches hand quilting. If you live in or near Claremont, California and want to learn quilting she's your gal. Although, what she's really focusing on right now is marketing her fabulous product Retro Clean. We have witnessed it's outstanding results many times over the years as well as used it ourselves on numerous items. Here's what got soaked this week:

  an adorable but dingy crocheted necklace found at Lexi's last flea market adventure,
1/2 tbsp. and  4 cups warm water,
soaked in her sunny kitchen for 24 hours,
 the end result...
good as new, Retro Clean strikes again! 
Check out the site for more info on Retro Clean

By the way mom, this necklace happens to be yours! Happy Birthday!

Alexis and Amanda

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